Dynamics DEV Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV development services tailored around your needs

Our Development Services

Our Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and NAV Development services are designed and tailored around your specific needs. We aim at establishing long-term business relationships, helping you to overcome your software development challenges.

Add-On and Extension

Development of Dynamics Business Central and NAV add-ons and extensions

Project Delivery

Development in support of running project delivery

Add-On and Extension

If you require development of Dynamics Business Central or NAV add-ons or extensions? We have you covered.

We have developed numerous add-ons and extensions for Microsoft Dynamics Partners across multiple countries. Our highly skilled and experienced team of developers are experts in their field.

Either we manage your development project, or provide you with additional technical resource to get your project completed and delivered on-time.

We work with a small dedicated team providing you with the best project outcomes.

Project Delivery

Do you require additional technical resource to deliver your Dynamics Business Central or NAV project? Our project delivery development service is all about providing you with flexible resources.

We have assisted a number of Microsoft Dynamics Partners across multiple countries regarding their project delivery resource requirements.

Our team of skilled and experienced developers can provide you with the required level of input into your end-user project.

We work alongside your team ensuring your project is delivered on-time.

Add-On and Extension

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central add-on and extension development service is tailored around your needs. Our approach is transparent, structured, and provides you with control and visibility. Our fixed-price project milestone methodology secures you from going over budget.
We develop your add-on or extensions either with you or for you. Our competitive pricing is cost efficient whist working with us increases your productivity.
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Initiation and Scoping

We work with your team, developing your add-on or extension following your requirements. Approach is standardised and templated, enabling us to get an accurate picture of your individual requirements.


Once we have collated all requirements and determined the scope. We provide you with costings and timelines covering your development project. Our milestone methodology ensures we stay on track and provide you with visibility covering project progress.


Our highly skilled development team will develop and deliver your development project whilst ensuring it meets the highest quality standards. During the development phase we provide you with frequent updates about project progress.

Release and Testing

Once our development team has completed your project we will release the source code to you. We will be providing you with supporting documentation and will proactively assist you with any testing requirements you might have.

Warranty and Support

We provide support and aftercare on all our deliverables. Our warranty provides you with peace of mind. In case you encounter issues on anything we have developed, you will be provided with support without additional cost.

Project Delivery

Our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central project delivery development and technical support service is designed to provide you with the required resources to deliver your project on-time. Our dedicated project team works alongside your team delivering your project.
We provide the required resources that work directly with your end-user or your delivery teams. Our time and materials pricing are competitive whilst we do not compromise on resource expertise and experience.
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Introduction and Assignment

We work with your delivery team or end-user to get familiar with your project deliverables and resource requirements. We understand that you might require different capacities and level of expertise.


Our approach is to assign you with dedicated team of resources. This to ensure time is spend efficiently whilst reducing costs related to resource onboarding.

Allocation and Setup

Once we have allocated a team of resources to your project we work with you on getting setup within your project team.


We understand that you as supplier do not want to distract your customers with introductions to third parties. We therefore guarantee utmost confidentiality when facing your customers.


Our highly skilled team of experts will work with you delivering your project. During this process we will be engaging with you to ensure all your objectives are being met and your project delivery stays on track.

Aftercare and Support

We understand that you wants us to hang around once your project has been delivered. We therefore will provide you with the assistance you require.

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